Substitute FAQ

What is the pay for Emergency/Certificated Substitutes?
Emergency/Certificated substitutes are paid $24.44/hour for the first 30 days then $26.32/hour after 30 days 7 hours per day equals a full day.

What is the pay for Classified substitutes?
Classified substitutes are paid at 80% of the classified entry level rate average. The current salary schedule is located here » Classified Sub Salary «

Are benefits available for substitutes?

Substitutes are not benefit-eligible positions.

What is a “long-term” substitute?

A substitute teacher having continuous service in exactly the same teaching assignment for more than twenty (20) consecutive days will be paid according to the substitute's placement on the state salary schedule. The substitute will be paid at this rate on a per diem basis beginning with the twenty-first (21st) consecutive day in the same assignment, and continuing as long as the substitute remains in that same assignment. In order to determine correct placement on the salary schedule, the Personnel Department must have college transcripts and verification of experience on file. If we do not receive the proper documentation, you will be placed at BA0 + 0.

CLASSIFIED SUBSTITUTE SALARY SCHEDULE 2022-2023.pdf, 48.69 KB; (Last Modified on September 26, 2022)