Medically Verified Records


Effective August 1, 2020, a WA State rule change will affect three areas of immunization compliance:

  • Students must turn in their immunization paperwork on or before the first day of attendance
  • All new immunization records from students must be medically verified
  • The Tdap vaccine requirement for 6th through 12 grader has been changed to 7th through 12th grades requirement

The new rule clarifies that students without immunization paperwork should not start school until the required paperwork is turned in to the school. If they are missing vaccine doses, they must get any doses they are eligible to receive before starting school. Once they have provided the required paperwork to the school that they have received all vaccines they are currently eligible to receive, they can start school. If more doses are needed in a series that require spacing for dosing purposes, the student is considered in conditional status, and can be in school while completing the vaccine series. Children in conditional status must be making progress toward meeting the immunization requirements.