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  • Snowmobile Ride

               A nice and long snowmobile ride is always a good way for me to clear my mind. It’s a time to just have fun, to enjoy yourself and to connect with nature. There are many beautiful and captivating sights that you can see while you are on a ride; there are so many adventures that you can go on.

    The last ride I went on was not that long ago and I kept feeling like I was going to crash, but it was still an experience that I hope to do again soon. While we were doing this one person had their snowmobile break down and another got stuck, and even though there were those complications it is still a memory that I will savor for a long time.

    It has been a long time sense there has been enough snow to go on many snowmobile rides, but that has changed this year. Now that there is a large amount of snow there are many winter activities that can be done and people should take advantage of that. Snowmobiling is one of the many pastimes that you can take part in this winter.

    By Brianna Whybark


Last Modified on February 14, 2017