• Grand Coulee Dam School District Highly Capable Program Description

    The Grand Coulee Dam highly capable program (HCP) is a full inclusion model at the elementary level. This means students are serviced in their regular classrooms. For each identified student, a student learning plan (SLP) is developed at the beginning of each school year and is revisited during each conference. The purpose of the SLP is to ensure identified children receive the services necessary to facilitate academic growth. At the junior and senior high school level, students are served through a variety of advanced course offerings.

    Nomination of Students for the Highly Capable Program

    Highly Capable Announcement

    Nomination Form

    Teachers, students, parents, and community members can nominate students for the highly capable program. To nominate students, please contact the child’s school. Those interested in nominating a student for the highly capable program will complete the nomination form, and the student will be assessed during the next identification activity. Identification activities take place each year in the fall (September) and spring (May/June). The identification process uses a multiple measures approach to help teachers, principals, and parents make appropriate decisions about learning needs of highly capable learners. 

    Definition of Highly Capable

    The State of Washington defines highly capable children as students who exhibit a high capability in intellectual and/or creative areas, possess and unusual leadership capacity, or excel in specific academic fields, thereby requiring services beyond the basic programs provided in school. 

    Identification Process

    The identification process uses a multiple measures approach to help teachers, principals and parents make appropriate decisions about the learning needs of highly capable learners. Students can be referred by parents, teachers, counselors, students, and administrators. 

    The Cognitive Abilities Test (COGAT) is administered to all students referred for highly capable testing. This is not an IQ test but it does show ability in advanced thinking and problem solving. Scores from the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA), Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) and other district assessments are also part of the process. 

    Common Highly Capable Indicators

    High Achiever

    Highly Capable

    Remembers answers

    Poses unforeseen questions

    Is interested

    Is curious

    Answers questions in detail

    Ponders multiple perspectives

    Needs 6-8 repetitions to master new learning

    Needs 1-3 repetitions to master new learning

    Is receptive

    Is intense

    Is accurate and complete

    Is original and continually developing

    Absorbs information

    Manipulates information

    Is please with own learning

    Is self-critical

    Gets A’s

    May not be motivated by grades

    Is able

    Is intellectual

    Learns with ease

    Already knows




     Lyndsey Mitchell
    Special Programs Compliance Coordinator
    Grand Coulee Dam School District
    Copies could be obtained through the Special Services Department at
    Lake Roosevelt Schools
    505 Crest Dr.
    Coulee Dam, WA  99116