• Title VI and Johnson O’Malley

    Title VI and Johnson O’Malley are federally funded programs designed to meet the unique needs of American Indian Students in our public school system.  Our goals are to promote academic achievement, improve attendance, graduation rates, and promote understanding of the American Indian culture.

    Eligibility of Title VI:  for a child to receive services in the Title VI Program, a parent must complete and sign a Student Eligibility Form 506. This program has no specification for blood quantum, but the child must be of Indian descent and meet criteria described on the 506 form to be eligible for the programs services.

    Eligibility for Johnson O’Malley (JOM):  To be eligible for services in the Johnson O’Malley Program, a student must be an enrolled (or eligible for enrollment) with a federally recognized tribe or be ¼ total blood decree descendant of a tribal member of a federally recognized tribe and have documentation. 

    Title VI Indian Parent Committee:

    The purpose of the Indian Parent Committee is to ensure parent participation in providing programs and services for American Indian Students.  The parent committee is instrumental in providing parents who have American Indian students with information and opportunities to effectively express their views concerning all aspects of education which affect their children.  The parent committee oversees the development and implementation of the education plan as funded by the Title VI Indian Education funds.  Parent Advisory Committee membership is open to all parents/guardians of American Indian students.  Secondary students are also welcome to serve on the committee.