Indian Education Director

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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Kim Stanger

Kim is a  direct descendant of the Moses Columbia band of Colville Confederated Tribes and graduate of Lake Roosevelt High School and Spokane Falls College. Kim grew up on a ranch in Nespelem, living there her whole childhood. Daugther of Ray D Nissen and Sharon Duncan, married to Butch Stanger, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Kim has worked for the GCDSD over 20 years. She oversees the Title VI grant and manages the JOM program along with data collection for our Impact Aid. She supervises the Indian Ed staff. Kim has a desire to work with the students holistically to find their passion and build their education around it. She is very excited for the Indian Education staff to work together to promote our Native culture in everything they do. Kim wants all parents, students, and teachers to know she is here to serve you. Please contact her anytime.

Staff 7-12

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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Carson

My name is Lisa Carson, I am a member of the Colville Confederated Tribes from the Nespelem, San Poil, Wenatchi and Entiat bands. I am related to the Timentwa and James family lineage (of close relation to Jim James). I have two daughters who are also of the Arrow Lakes band through their father. I grew up spending my summers here going to various local events, camping, and gathering berries and teas from the mountains on our reservation. I spent my school years on the Quinault and Makah Indian reservation and attended various gatherings across the WA state tribes. I was a student living on the Makah Indian reservation during the time of the hugely publicized 1999 Whale Hunt. My life experiences have hugely influenced my interest in cross-cultural relations and the similarities and unique differences among various cultures.I have been with the Lake Roosevelt School for a few years now and find it a unique location to do cross-cultural work. I have recently transferred within our department from previously working with the Elementary 4-6th grades, to now working in the High School and helping focus on grades 7-12th. A main focus of mine is to provide mentoring and Native American curriculum support. As a whole team effort for the Indian Education Department we also collectively work to help support the integrating of our traditional language and cultural practices.

Staff K-6

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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Vargas

t̓il̓ x̌əšt, ʔinča̓ išc̓q̓ʷnču̓t skʷəykʷykʷyalqs, t̓iʔ kn šalx̌ə̓ƛ̓xəƛ̓t l̓‿x̌əx̌n̓út špantk.  kn ʔačḥáw̓wiym l̓ qʷəsmaʔmáy̓aʔm nxaʔamčín nwawlxtn k-6th grade classes. Intum̓ Bonnie Carden, inmaʔa̓štm Brian Timentwa kʷa Vincent Vargas Sr., išnək̓ʷškint  uknaqin (Okanogan), snʕa̓yckstx (Arrow Lakes), sx̌ʷiyckstx (Colville), šwa̓xčnəxʷ (Moses), šnp̓əšqʷa̓w̓šəxʷ  (Wenatchi) , kʷa šnt̓iya̓tkʷəxʷ (Entiat).

Hello, my borrowed name is Cassandra Vargas, I’m 29 years old. I work as an instructor for Moses-Columbia dialect through Colville Tribal Language Program. This will be my third year working at Lake Roosevelt Elementary School, but this year I will be working with kindergarten through sixth grade. My mom is Bonnie Carden, my Dad is Brian Timentwa and Vincent Vargas Sr. My people are Okanogan, Arrow Lakes, Colville, Moses-Columbia, Wenatchi, and Entiat. I was raised in Nespelem WA and graduated Lake Roosevelt class of 2009, I’m a certified in early childhood education and have worked with children in child care for many years.


Cassandra Vargas


Staff K-12

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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Peasley

Way! Isk skwist Liz Peasley. I have lived in the GCD area my entire life and currently live in Belvedere. I have been an LR Raider from kindergarten to 12th grade. Some of my hobbies include reading, art and canoeing. What I am most proud of is being a mom to my three kids and an aunt to several nieces and nephews. I am also a proud descendant of the Arrow Lakes/ Nespelem and Oglala Lakota Sioux nations.  I have worked for the Grand Coulee Dam School District since 2014. I am excited for the upcoming year as it is my first year working with the Indian Education Program I will be supporting our curriculum and language team and planning activities and events.



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Kamea Pino

t̓il̓ x̌əšt! išc̓q̓ʷən̓čut Puraikah  


My name is Puraikah and my borrowed name is Kamea Pino. I’m from the Colville tribe of the San Poil and Wenatchee bands, and Santa Ana Pueblo. I recieved my A.A. degree from Wenatchee Valley College and now pursuing a Bachelor Degree. My vision is to be a fluent speaker, teacher, and thinker in the nxaʔmxčín, nsəlxcin, and keres languages, empowering future generations to be speakers as well. Our languages in a critical state and near extinction. I am fortunate to work with my WA tribes’s Language Program and elders since I was 17 years old as a Summer Youth worker, college intern, and now as a certified language instructor through the Colville tribe.  

This year I’m excited to be teaching the high school nxaʔmxčín classes. Even though the classes are online until further notice, I look forward to the journey with the students and hope that they enjoy the class as well.