Athletics Mission Statement

  • It is the objective of the LRHS Sports Program to establish the highest standards of sportsmanship, character, integrity and academic performance among our student/athletes.

     In support of that goal, athletic coaches are to be superior role models possessing high integrity, personal responsibility, and maturity. Coaches must also be top-notch teachers/mentors instilling a competitive spirit, pride-of-ownership, and an understanding of contest rules and required skill-sets in student/athletes. Coaches will accomplish these ideals while balancing healthy competition with the development of honorable character traits among sport’s team members. In sum, coaches shall uphold the honor and dignity of the profession. 

     In all personal contact with students/athletes, officials, athletic directors, school administrators, the State high school association, the media and the public, the athletic coach shall strive to set an example of the highest ethical and moral conduct. Further, at no time will the LRHS Sports Program be used as an instrument to intimidate or intentionally injure athletes of any team or school including those of Lake Roosevelt High School. 

Forms, Policies, and Permissions