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    Preschool Registration Is Open  

    For the 2018-19 School Year 

     The Grand Coulee Dam School District will have a pre-registration and classroom visit for preschool aged children interested in attending preschool for the 2018-19 school year on June 14, 2018 between the hours of 8:30-3:00. We will have registration packets available during your visit or parents may stop by the Lake Roosevelt Elementary School to pick up a registration packet. Our preschool is located at 512 Federal Ave, Grand Coulee WA  

    Children must be age 3 by August 31, 2018 to pre-register for preschool.  You will also need to provide your child’s proof of age and immunization record.  Our preschool is a fee-based program. Parents must provide transportation to/from preschool. There are exceptions if your child meets the established criteria regarding fee schedule and/or transportation. Please come to our preschool on June 14th to visit our classroom. If you have any questions, please call Lake Roosevelt Elementary School 509-633-0730 ext. 306.   

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  • Reports of Lice on the Rise

    Lake Roosevelt Elementary has seen an increase in students with head lice. Please be proactive and check your student's hair regularly. If you see lice or nits please keep your student home until successfully completing treatment. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping this under control.

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  • Lake Roosevelt Jr./Sr. High is proud to be a CEE 2017 School of Distinction

    Now in its 11th year, CEE's School of Distinction (SOD) award honors the highest improving Washington State schools, staff, and their leaders for improved performance for all students.Specifically, sustained performance over five years in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics at the Elementary and Middle School levels and 4-year and 5-year adjusted Cohort Graduation Rates at the High School Level.

    Led by CEE and in collaboration with five partners, this award is an annual highlight of the work we do together.

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  • We are proud to offer the parents or guardians of our students free access* to ParentU!

    Grand Coulee Dam School District is offering free access* to the ParentU website provided by the North Central ESD. ParentU offers parents free 15-20 minute lessons regarding the most popular devices, websites, and apps used by today's students. Lessons explain the various devices and apps, the risks of using mobile devices, students' digital foot prints and the risk of sharing too much personal information; as well as covering cyberbullying and sexting. Each lesson has ample examples of the mobile apps and computer screenshots of the websites discussed.

    *Please contact your student's teacher to receive the free password to access the lessons through GCDSD's license.

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An Important Message from the Superintendent Regarding Attendance

  • Dear Parent/Guardian:

    This year, Grand Coulee Dam School District is making a special effort to ensure that all students fully benefit from their education by attending school regularly. Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school. Consistent attendance will help children do well in elementary, high school, college, and at work. WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU If your student is going to be absent, please contact Shelly Black at 631-3184 or 633-1442 (extension 302) for grades 7-12 or Marci Doughty at 631-3183 for grades k-6. Please note that the state of Washington has defined by law which types of absences can be excused by a school. Per WAC 392-400-325 and Grand Coulee Dam School District board policy 3122 only the following activities may be excused*:

    · Participating in school or community events;

    · Illness, health condition or medical appointment;

    · Family emergency (death/funeral/illness);

    · Court or judicial proceeding;

    · Religious or cultural purpose including observance of a religious or cultural holiday or participation in religious or cultural instruction;

    · Post-secondary, technical school or apprenticeship program visitation, or scholarship interview;

    · State recognized search and rescue operations;

    · Absence directly related to student’s homeless status

    · Absence resulting from a disciplinary/corrective action

    · Principal or designee and parent, guardian, or emancipated youth mutually agreed upon activity.

    *The above definition of an excusable absence is a change from recent past practice in our district.

    »SCHOOL POLICIES AND STATE LAWS It is important that you understand our school policies and procedures, as well as Washington State Law, to ensure your child is successful in school. State law for mandatory attendance, called the Becca Bill, requires children from age 8 to 17 to attend a public school, private school, or a district-approved home school program. Children that are 6- or 7-years-old are not required to be enrolled in school. However, if parents enroll their 6- or 7-year-old, the student must attend full-time. The school is required by law to take daily attendance and notify you when your student has an unexcused absence.

    If your student has two unexcused absences in one month, state law (RCW 28A.225.020) requires we schedule a conference with you and your student to identify the barriers and supports available to ensure regular attendance. The district is obligated to develop a plan that may require an assessment to determine how to best meet the needs of your student and reduce absenteeism.

    In elementary school after five excused absences in any month, or ten or more excused absences in the school year, the school district is required to contact you to schedule a conference at a mutually agreeable, reasonable time with at least one district employee, to identify the barriers and supports available to you and your student. A conference is not required if your student has provided a doctor’s note, or pre-arranged the absence in writing, and the parent, student and school have made plan so your student does not fall behind academically. If your student has an Individualized Education Plan or a 504 Plan the team that created the plan needs to reconvene.

    If your student has five unexcused absences in any month or ten unexcused absences within the school year, we are required to file a petition with the Juvenile court, alleging a violation of RCW 28A.225.010, the mandatory attendance laws. The petition may be automatically stayed and your student and family may be referred to a Community Truancy Board, or you and your student may need to appear in Juvenile Court. If your student continues to have unexcused absences or tardies, you may need to go to court.


    B. Paul Turner, Superintendent Grand Coulee Dam School District