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  • Welcome to the New Year.  As we wrap up the holidays and look into the New Year, I would like to talk about becoming involved.  The students I see every day deserve the best opportunity for a quality education.  A major part is for parents and patrons to become involved!  Below are two areas that do not take much time but could have a major impact on the lives of our students. 

    First, improving outreach to parents and patrons continues to be a high priority for the School Board and myself.  Part of this outreach is seeking input for the district.  This spring, the Board will be developing a short and long range Strategic Plan for the district.  Your input is crucial and would be a great help during this planning process.

    We are asking that you please take the time to fill out the short survey by clicking the link:  We kept the survey short in the hopes of receiving good participation.  Our goal is to compile these results early in February.  

    Secondly, this past fall there was a NEPA scoping meeting held at the Coulee Dam city hall.  The BPA, Army Corps of Engineers and Bureau of Reclamation held this meeting for two purposes; educate the public on present programs and operations of the Columbia River waterways and seek public input for the development of a long-range environmental impact statement (EIS).

    I would like to invite parents, community members, and any other interested party, to consider commenting on the impact the dam has on you and the community.  This is our time to speak up and make our voice heard.  There are two avenues to submit your comments.



                    Mail:                      US Army Corps of Engineers

                                                    Attn: CRSO EIS

                                                    PO Box 2870

                                                    Portland, OR 97208-2870


    Thank you for your time and participation.



  • Title VI and JOM Needs Assessment

    The Grand Coulee Dam School District is conducting our annual Needs Assessment for Title VI

    and JOM. These are special funded programs that serve a high percentage of students in our

    school. Some of the activities that are funded filter into activities for all students; however the

    assessment will only need to be completed by parents whose children are of Native descent, or

    who are enrolled in a federally recognized tribe. Please complete by April 14, 2017.


    These links will also be posted through the CCT broadcast, and a hard copy is available at the school secretaries’ front desk. For more information contact Kim Stanger at:

    509-633-1442 or 

    JOM Needs Assessment (students enrolled in a federally recognized tribe or can show proof of 1/4 Indian Blood)

    Title VI Needs Assessment (both students enrolled and descendent)

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    Invitation to Participate in PTA Sponsored Lake Roosevelt 2017 Science Fair 

    On behalf of Grand Coulee Dam Area PTA Science Fair Committee, we would like to invite students from our school to take part in 2017 Science Fair. The event is an individual or small group based event. 

    Participation is purely voluntary and open to all students grades K-12. 

    Our goal is to provide an opportunity for kids to apply the scientific method to an area of personal interest. All participants will receive a certificate noting their achievement, and a couple motivated few will receive prizes. 

    Science fairs are conducted for many reasons:

    * To focus attention on scientific experiences in school.

    * To stimulate interest in scientific investigation beyond routine class work.

    * To recognize and commend youthful scientific talent and hobby pursuits.

    * To offer an opportunity for display of scientific talent through exhibit and demonstration.

    * To stimulate public interest in the scientific abilities of students. 

    To participate in the 2017 Science Fair, students must fill out the application form. 

    Submission of an application does not guarantee science fair participation. Each project summary will be assessed for appropriateness. Please visit the Grand Coulee Dam PTA Facebook page to download a copy of a science fair student handbook to determine what is an acceptable science fair project. "Like" to keep up to date on all the science fair news! 

    The Science Fair will be held March 23rd from 5:00 to 7:30 pm.

    The entry form must be filled out and returned to the Lake Roosevelt Elementary Office by Friday, January 13, 2017. Entry forms can also be emailed to or mailed to Rebecca Hunt at 1001 Camas Street, Coulee Dam, WA 99116.

    Here is the link for the Handbook and Entry Form: Lake Roosevelt Elementary 2017 Science Fair Entry Form and Handbook

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  • We are proud to offer the parents or guardians of our students free access* to ParentU!

    Grand Coulee Dam School District is offering free access* to the ParentU website provided by the North Central ESD. ParentU offers parents free 15-20 minute lessons regarding the most popular devices, websites, and apps used by today's students. Lessons explain the various devices and apps, the risks of using mobile devices, students' digital foot prints and the risk of sharing too much personal information; as well as covering cyberbullying and sexting. Each lesson has ample examples of the mobile apps and computer screenshots of the websites discussed.

    *Please contact your student's teacher to receive the free password to access the lessons through GCDSD's license.

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